10 Reasons You Miss Divine Appointments

winbyfaith.org(8) 10 Reasons You Have Missed Gods Divine Appointments

As we walk out this journey called life, we are our headed to a place called Destiny. Some choose to take shortcuts and never make it, some take the long journey and miss important divine appointments and some are walking it out and winning by Faith.

My question to you today is how many God divine appointments have you missed because of your excuses? God has plans and a Purpose for you but it requires you to allow Him to lead your life. You cannot afford to miss any appointments in this season. Truly listen to the voice of God and obey His instructions and you will eventually reach your destination.

Here are the 10 most common excuses have for missing Gods Divine Appointments.

1.Family, Career, Finances

2. Making decisions off of your emotions.

3.You don’t trust God to give you Provision.

4.You are too busy pleasing people.

5.You don’t have any seeds in the ground.

6. You don’t recognize your Divine Connections.

7.You don’t hear the voice of God.

8. You don’t obey his instructions.

9. You don’t put any works behind your Faith

10.You don’t make Faith Moves.

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