Speak To The King In Him


Romans 4:17 b speak those things that are not as though they were.

In every man is a fool and a King and you have to set the atmosphere in your marriage where the King shows up and the fool never represents. There is power in your Faith Confessions and God will honor your request. As a wife you have a great responsibility to speak change into your husband’s life. Instead of fussing and complaining about what you don’t like about him, begin to pray and confess the word of God over him and expect a shift in him to manifest. The fool must die so that the King can rise. It is my prayer that you will shift how you view your husband and use the power of life in your tongue. Your God is bigger than your battle and you have already won before you got in the ring. Fight the good fight of faith and expect your change to come.


Coach Misty

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