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Unmask Your Brokeness!

As a child we were taught to cover everything up in makeup. Including devastating moments in our life that changed the way we view everything. Our parents and grandparents didn’t have access to all the tools we have to deal with life issues today. We were told to shut up and tell no one. I found myself putting a pacifier in the little girl in me to soothe the pain. Who could I talk to about the sleepless nights, suicide thoughts and painful memories? I found myself questioning if God was real and constantly saying “why does nothing good happen to me?” Life went on and  I put a band-aid over my wounds not knowing that it was a temporary solution to a permanent problem.

I ended up creating  dysfunctional patterns throughout most of my life. I pretended that I was happy and went looking for love in all of the wrong places and found counterfeit love. Every time I fell down, God gave me the strength to get back up. I would hear him whisper “daughter, I love you and my plan is greater than your pain”. I found one area that I was good at; my career and  I focused all of my energy into my job that I never took the time to unpack my baggage. Life has knocked me down but I managed to get back up.

When I turned 30, there was something on the inside of me that was telling me “there has to be something better than this”. I went searching for the missing piece of my life “God”. I knew that Purpose was calling me. I didn’t know where or why but I knew that the person that created me would lead me to the answer. I ran to God and instead of God covering up my brokeness, God unmasked my mess and qualified me to become his messenger. God healed my broken heart and bound up my wounds.

My mess qualified me to become a Messenger, My tests became my Testimony, God got the glory out of my story and today I am Free to be Fearless. I find comfort in being my true authentic self, flaws and all. I was raised in a home of Domestic Violence, Molested at 13 & now I forgave him so that I can be free, my mother passed away my senior year in high school, 3 failed marriages & now I am happily married to an amazing King, diagnosed with throat cancer & now I’m healed. I went from low self-esteem  to living a Purpose Driven Life.

I share my story to let you know that when I unmasked my brokeness, God healed me of all of my struggles and now I am here to tell you that you too can run to King Jesus so that he can heal you from all that you are going through. He loves you and is ready for you to trust him with your pain. I know that it is easy to cover it up, but you need to understand that the root of your problem is causing the overflow of your life struggles that you are experiencing right now. God will do for you that he did for me when you run into his arms.

My name Is Coach Misty,

I am a Faith/Relationship/Purpose Coach. I Equip You To Win In Every Area Of Your Life. For more inspiration visit my website.

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